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​My name is Tom and I am a photographer, secondary school teacher, musician and huge fan of everything to do with dogs! I am based in the Midlands but I'm a global traveller. Hence why I became a teacher (long holidays!).

I first fell in love with photography while travelling around Australia and South East Asia. I snapped everything I saw and now take my camera with me everywhere! Sometimes I have to be reminded by my fiancé that she isn’t a model and trekking up a mountain to get the ‘perfect’ shot isn’t a date...

I found that chocolate bribes help!

My photography style is aimed at capturing moments that are natural and full of emotion. My perfect wedding day would be being able to capture the natural candid moments as they happen with a couple of 15 minute photo sessions for family photos and private couple photos.


Hello There


  • Loves candid photos.

  • Favourite time of the day is during sunset

       (for photographic reasons not romantic).

  • Walker of the scruffy heartbreaker on the left.

  • Camper van enthusiast.​

  • Pizza lover.

  • Parent to a gecko called Norbert.

  • Obsessed with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

  • Happily planning my own wedding in 2023!

Key Facts

You want more!?!?

I'm a Nikon shooter! Not that it means anything, the majority of camera systems all offer very similar things. The big differences come with what lens you use. I love to use prime lenses. They let you get super sharp foreground images but create creamy blurred bokeh in the background. I usually stick to a 35mm and an 85mm on two different bodies so I'm ready for every situation a wedding day may through at me.

Because I've gone through ninja training you probably won't even realise I'm taking photos! However once the party gets started you'll probably find me on the dance floor throwing shapes while taking pictures.

I've been shooting weddings for 3 years and still get excited about every single one! I love getting creative (smoke bombs, sparklers etc) so if you do have a crazy interesting idea just let me know! 

If you want to know more about me keep on scrolling or give me an email at or catch up with me on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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